#2. Water

#2. Water Maker & single-use plastic water bottle elimination

Above is a diagram of how a water maker works on board a race boat and what Rob & Hannah's water needs will be during the Transat Jacques Vabre. A water maker takes seawater and through reverse osmosis turns it into fresh water. For the Transat Jacques Vabre which will take approximately 25 days both Rob and Hannah will need 3 to 4 gallons of water per day. Over 25 days that works out to be 100 gallons of water. To bring that much water on a Class 40 would make the boat extremely heavy and slow (not to mention the excessive plastic you’d use in containers for all that water). Plus, Hannah and Rob will not need to move the 100 gallons of water, from side to side of the boat while racing. 100 gallons of water is equivalent to 835 pounds (378 kg), which over 25 days will wear on Rob & Hannah’s performance if they were to move that each time they tack

In addition, the water maker provides flexibility to make water when you need it so you are not constrained by your supply. In addition to racing, Team 11th Hour Racing will eliminate single use plastic water bottles for all aspects of the TJV. In the lead up to and during the race itself, Rob, Hannah and the shore team will use reusable water bottles. 

Between now and the start of the race there are 61 days of training and prep where Rob & Hannah will drink about 2 gallons of water per day. The standard plastic water bottle size is 16.9 ounces which equals 8 bottles per day that the Team would need to use if they were not using reusable canteens. Over the 61 training days that equals 488 plastic bottles. While racing if Hannah and Rob were to take single-use bottles with them they would need 400 additional plastic bottles. The total number of plastic bottles the team would need to meet their needs is 888 plastic bottles!  By eliminating 888 bottles from usage, Team 11th Hour will reduce their fossil fuel impact. 

Ultimately eliminating plastic water bottles and using the water maker will make Team 11th Hour Cleaner, Faster and Better.