Rob Windsor


Shorthanded sailing is a passion for me. I have sailed with some of the best sailors in the world. Take some of those same guys on a distance race, double handed on a Class 40 and it's like it's their first day sailing again. The fact that you need to be an all-around sailor on a Class 40 and not compartmentalized into one little area of expertise makes it super exciting for me.  

I think that we all have a responsibility to future generations to do everything we can to protect the environment. A big part of this for me is the ocean. As a parent, I want my son to be able to enjoy all the awesomeness that is the ocean. I also want him to be able to teach his children the same things my father taught me and I taught him. We already have several beaches on Long Island, NY (where I'm from) that are closed to swimming due to pollution or effects from Hurricane Sandy.  It important to me that we work to solve these issues now so that future generations will be able to enjoy our oceans much like I have.

In Hannah, I have found a sailing partner who has the same drive and desire to win as I do. In the next few months we will be optimizing and training our boat and ourselves to be the best team out there at the start of the TJV. Hannah put up a great result in 2011, but we are out to win it in 2013. 


Age:      41
Started Sailing:      2
One Word:      Fantastic!
  • Only person to have done a Trans-Atlantic
    in each of the 3 Owen-Clarke designed Class 40s
  • 6 Trans-Atlantic Crossings
  • 2nd in 2011 Atlantic Cup
  • 2nd in 2011 NYYC Trans-Atlantic